Where are we?

We are located on the Beach at Huntington State Beach in Huntingtn Beach, CA on the closest cross streets of Magnolia & PCH. We are just a few miles South of the iconic Huntington Beach pier.

Beach Details:

Huntington State Beach opens daily at 6am and closes at 10pm. Cars are not permitted to park overnight and are subject to ticketing. (please see ride share details for imbibing guests below) The front gate is locked at 9pm every night.

On occasion, for special events, these times may change. Details for PRJKT events will be provided as needed.

Huntington State Beach is a popular summer destination. As such, when the beach is at capacity the gates will be closed and no vehicle entrance is permitted. This is can happen on many busy summer weekends. The State Parks Department makes these decisions based on capacity and safety for all beach goers.

Events, Calendar

We love to party! On occasion our venue will be closed to accommodate private parties. Please check our calendar thehbhouse.com/special_events before planning a visit to The Huntington Beach House.

Want to book an event and have the place to yourself? Shoot an email to our Event Coordinator: ali@prjktgroup.com


Huntington State Beach is a north facing beach and subject to wind. This wind picks up most noticeably between 3pm and 5pm. While we get a ton of sun (thank you Huntington Beach!) temperatures will fluctuate between 65+ and 90. On average we enjoy sunny days in the high 70s and mid 80s in the summer and high 60s to mid 70s other times of the year.


Seating is on a first come basis. This includes our picnic tables, as well as furniture sets inside the property. While blankets or beach towels are allowed we ask that you do not bring your own umbrellas, pop-ups or any other outside furniture. If you are interested in reserving an area in advance for 10 or more guests please email: ali@prjktgroup.com

All ages

Huntington State Beach House and the PRJKT Concessions are family friendly! Please stay tuned to event details regarding age restrictions as occasionally we have 21+ Events. Please understand that we are not responsible for the action or language of our guests. A live music venue packed with concert goers is not always the best place for a child!

Pets at the Beach

Huntington State Beach and the PRJKT Concessions are pet friendly! According to state law animals are not allowed on the beach and must remain on-leash at all times. As long as your companion is on-leash and well behaved they are more than welcome to join us. Please consider that we often have, be a many other dogs, large crowds, children, loud music, games and other wildlife at the beach so if this environment is too much for your animal consider leaving them at home. Also, we ask that you are a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet or you both will be asked to leave.


We do not automatically tip, in an effort to produce less waste we went paperless at our beach concessions last summer and only provide printed receipts upon request. As such, our registers handle all credit and debit transactions on the device’s screen. This means our guests sign and tip on the iPad. When our team members spin the device for a signature there is a bar at the top of the screen with a tip amount. It offers options of: No Tip / 15% / 18% / Custom. Our guests always have the option of tipping whatever they are most comfortable with.

Parking Details:

The State Beach charges $15 per vehicle, Yearly Parking Passes are available through the Parks Department at: parks.ca.gov

All vehicles are subject to this pricing and the state may increase the fee on holiday weekends.

Other Concerns:


We have a strict 'No Glass' policy at the beach and use plastic in all situations. Broken shards and bare feet are just no fun, especially with so many little ones running around. As such we hope you can understand why your fine glass of wine comes in a plastic cup. If you want the best tasting beer possible leave it in the can! We are going Straw-Free this season as the environment suffers enough.


When it comes to serving food on paper and plastic, we simply do not have the space to store and wash traditional plates, silverware, napkins and the typical amenities found at traditional restaurants. We strive to make your experience at Huntington State Beach the best it can be while being safe and practical.

Pack for a normal beach day. That means wear sunscreen, sunglasses are a great idea, and get ready for fun!

Lost and Found:

We collect a bunch of random items over the course of the season. If you leave something behind and there's a chance we have it. Fire an email to: Lost@prjktgroup.com